His and hers Schwinn adult beach cruiser bikes

The steel-framed cruiser provides durability and stability—it’s suggested for riders up to 6 feet, 2 inches tall. These bikes also have a great deal of style with their low profiles and wide, sweeping handlebars. “Styling is a traditional consideration when shopping for a cruiser, and it is a personal choice that’s fun to make,” says Josh Arnold, schwinn beach cruiser co-owner of Routes Bicycle Tours and Rentals in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Before buying, consider the cost, comfort features, and whether you need gears. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, bicycles imported from Great Britain and Continental Europe became popular, especially lighter and more nimble sports roadster models or “English racer”.

Beefy 650b x 2.3-inch tires roll smoothly on the road but come to your rescue when the pavement gets sketchy or a sandy shortcut starts calling your name. Comparing those to Sixthreezero cruisers, we don’t really dip below a hundred … Our entry-level cruiser is the Around the Block, which currently is at 199, unfortunately due to tariffs it’s gonna have to bump up to 229 here pretty shortly. But that’s the entry level because we’re focused on value, and we wanna build the best bike we can for as low as possible. And we’ve determined that that price of about 229, 199 is the best we can do from the quality we wanna stand behind, to provide the value back to the customer.

schwinn beach cruiser

So if you’re on our website, just navigate to the top, you’re gonna see a link says customizer. Basically, any bike on our website can be customized that way. We know that customization is important in the beach cruiser market.

5-speed versatility, gutsy balloon tires and the reliability of the world- famous Schwinn cantilever frame.Forged steel front fork, heavy duty saddle and the “look” of a classic. Its upright geometry puts you in a position that takes strain off your neck and back and lets you take in the sights around you. But that means it isn’t ideal for steep climbs up winding mountains. schwinn ebike Nor is the Shimano Altus 7-speed drivetrain, but that’s not what this bike is for. Comfort features include soft grips, a cushy seat, and geometry that puts the rider closer to the ground and moves the pedals forward so you still have proper leg extension. Snap-on attachment points let you easily add accessories like racks, baskets, child seats, and more.

Resident e-bike expert Seplavy rode the Cafe Cruiser and found it plenty powerful to climb short hills. But, like several wide-tire bikes, it has some handling issues while taking turns. It gives riders a range of about 30 to 50 miles per charge, which is more than plenty for beach rides and casual jaunts. And enter your height and weight on the product page, and our body fit the tool. It’s gonna tell you if that bike fits you, you’re gonna get a thumbs up, thumbs down.

The 26-inch Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed offers easy-going, single-speed riding that can reach 3 to 15 miles per hour. It features a durable 15-inch steel frame with aluminum wheels. The wheels are outfitted in attractive, retro white-wall balloon tires that offer a cushioned ride.

The durable Schwinn cantilever steel frame has been updated with tubular leading axle front fork and cushioned hand grips. It’s designed for comfortable riding with a padded saddle and wide whitewall tires that ride smooth over almost any terrain. The Cruiser 5 has5-speed gears and hand brakes for greater versatility and range.