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Called “Walmart, the high cost of low prices” it will explain to you why the product there is so cheap. Over a hundred and seventy dollar Ozark Trail tent completely fell apart on me and my daughter. I had to tape the tent together with military issue 100-mile-an-hour tape. Yes, I had to tape the tent poles together at night because the snaps failed miserably when the wind blew gently and caused the tent to completely collapse… in great weather, with little wind, and no rain. I have pitched the tent twice in my back yard and found that I could pitch it by myself in about one hour. I watersealed the seams, as per the instruction sheet inside the carrying bag but I have not been rained on yet.

The weight of this Ozark Trail is lighter than most of the same size alternative steel frame canopy tents, coming in right about 29 lbs. An argument can be made as to whether this is good or bad. From a positive perspective, the lightweight design increases portability which is certainly important in carrying the tent to its intended location. From a negative perspective, the weight is indicative of a lack of high quality material and components used throughout the shelter.

Otherwise I like the tent but do not trust it to hold up in severe conditions. We explore the lightweight beach canopy that’s powered by the wind to see if its worth its hefty price tag. My family and I have used it a total of 3 times and the seams have ripped. There is no way we can camp with this tent, if it would rain it would ruin everything. Every single one of our camping experiences has been ruined because of the OZARK tent.

I decided that for the $40 I spent on it, (knowing that you get what you pay for) I would sew the gap and seal it really well and get a thicker gage replacement pole for the fly. I just bought the 9’x7′ backpacking tent 2 days ago, because I want to do some bikepacking here in FL. It is easy to set up and take down, and I loved the fact that it has three windows for lots of circulation in the heat and humidity. I’m going to Coleman for now on because you are incapable of making a zipper that doesn’t break so damn easy on the door.

An ideal tent for a family—plenty of set-up room and one tough tent. Choose your vessel and dive into the crystal-clear Missouri waters for the aquatic adventure of a lifetime. From tranquil river tubes to spacious rafts and sleek kayaks, your perfect river journey awaits.

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Here, individuals are not merely observers but active participants in the legacy of adventure, crafting their own memories in the natural world. Trailspace’s community of gear reviewers has field-tested and rated the top tents and shelters. The tent is open at the top with a weather rain fly that fits over the dome.

The fly is so small it allows rain to blow up under and then runs into the tent. My Ozark tent was set up in my wooded acerage all summer long. I was so pleased with the quality that I upgraded and bought a bigger Ozark tent.

Being protected from the suns harmful UVB rays is probably why you wanted a canopy tent in the first place, and this Ozark Trail tent meets all criteria in this department. The one complaint we have is that there is no vents in the fabric at ozark trail tumbler the peak to release the build up of hot air under the canopy. Most new tents incorporate this ventilated canopy design to increase airflow and reduce the trapping of hot air, helping to keep those in the shade cooler and more comfortable.

The legs are locked into place with old school metal push button locks, something you won’t see on many modern pop up tents now-a-days. These push locks get very difficult to use over time, especially if the tent is used on the beach and exposed to sand and saltwater, causing rust build up. Many newer tent brands like EZ-Up use revolutionary thumb lock sliders or larger easy to release buttons, which are a much better user experience when setting the canopy up or taking it down.

I would like a response to this please and I do expect some compensation of some kind! Every time we put some faith in these tents we got let down. I called North Pole (the makers of Ozark Trail tents) not to get much help! Rather than continuing to wait for the company to come up with a soulution and stop questioning me on proper use or abusive weather conditions!