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Generally, starting with an affordable complete bike from a major manufacturer is best. Fairly quickly, you’ll figure out what you like and don’t like about it, which will guide you in a custom or semi-custom build to follow. Most racers south of middle age will want a twenty-inch wheel. There is no common agreement as to sizing; “Pro XL” from one company might be “Pro” or “Pro XXL” at another. Consult your preferred manufacturer’s spec chart before ordering.

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LUXBMX offers free shipping on all orders over $199 (excluding bikes) Australia-wide with a flat rate express upgrade of $7.99. Bike shipping is calculated by location and bike size. The Mongoose Hooligan AL 29″ Bike is a lightweight cruiser. The frame and rims are made from a durable lightweight aluminum while utilizing a steel… For the extra dollars, you get stronger 3-piece cranks.

Coming only a year later was the 1983 Australian film ‘BMX Bandits’, arguably resulting in an even more significant impact on BMX than ET. The film is famous for being shot in the northern beaches of Sydney (primarily Manly), featuring Nicole Kidman in one of her first ever acting roles and for its portrayal of BMX in its freestyle form. Originally written with 9 year old characters in mind, the lack of finance meant that the script was re-written by a different team, this time pivoting to teenagers as the central characters. This was a crucial shift, and one which ultimately led to the success of the film and in turn, the cementing of BMX in popular culture. Inevitably, wider society was sooner or later going to come into contact with BMX.

Most of the options on this list were nominated by our test editors, who have experience with these and similar products in various conditions—from skatepark to street riding to racing. The rest we’ve evaluated based on user reviews, research, discussions with riders who are using them now, and how their specs compare to similar products we’ve tested in the past. Check out these options for the perfect BMX bike, from everyday essential to defiantly boutique. Turning mongoose excursion back to the Mongoose story, the 1970s had treated the company well and momentum was only further embellished with the successful release of ‘E.T. At this point, Mongoose is still one of the leading companies in progressing BMX and have been designing and manufacturing products for close to a decade. For the most part, Mongoose was renowned for pushing the boundaries of BMX technology in a popular and authentic direction, however primarily in the BMX race scene.

Whether shop here at Albe’s BMX or at , we’re just stoked to help get these beauties to hardcore ‘Goose fans anywhere in the world. The L100 uses a complete 4130 Chromoly frame (not schwinn mountain bicycles just the front half like the legion L100). The Legion L40 uses a 20.5-inch top tube, ideal for riders around 5’6”. This determines the “size” of the BMX, not the wheel size.