Durable Schwinn Cruiser Bikes for High-Speed Performance

Install SeatpostUse the wrench to loosen the seatpost binder bolt. Insert the seatpost into the frame schwinn dealers past the minimum insertion marking. We independently evaluate all recommended products and services.

We are more in the customization, the selection, comfort side. If you want the nostalgia and the look, more simple, reminds you of the classic, timeless 50s style, I’d say go with the Schwinn for the $150 price point. Take a spin on these modern reproductions to learn why true classics never go out of style. “We are thrilled to team up with Schwinn, the creator of America’s most iconic bicycles,” says John Jacobs, co-founder and chief creative optimist (CCO) of Life is Good. Check TiresInflate the tires to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure, which is marked on the tire sidewall.And that’s it!

Take your little ones over to a friend’s house for a play date or pack for a full day at the park. As part of this partnership, Schwinn will also donate to the Life is Good Kids Foundation. The Kids Foundation works directly with leading childcare organizations to positively impact the quality of care delivered to vulnerable children. The donation will include kids’ Schwinn bikes, as well as a monetary donation.

As the 80s rolled around, cruiser bikes were considered collectors’ items. Old Schwinn cruisers were sought after to be restored to their original condition. With the help of the 1985 Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure film, the interest in cruiser bikes continued to grow. The name “Schwinn” in front of the title “Cruiser” means a solid, comfortable ride on a cantilever frame bike that is always instyle. That’s why the words “Schwinn Cruiser” are something special if you agree that first class on white-walled balloons is theonly way to roll. The “Deluxe’s” Spring Fork gives you an extra smooth ride.

Most e-cruisers are class 1, which means they stop helping you pedal once you reach 20 mph, but some go as high as 28 mph (class 3). With that said, the other thing with Sixthreezero is we really focus on seats and comfort. So I think, personally, you’re gonna find our seats to be more comfortable than Schwinn seats. We use different foams, different sizes, different springs like that, that are gonna make our cruisers way, way more comfortable, especially as you move up in the price range.

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We’re all about the customer and letting people choose what they wanna do. By 1972, a new wave of lightweight derailleur-equipped bicycles led a wave of new consumer interest in recreational bicycling, resulting in the bike boom. Derailleur-equipped schwinn beach cruiser sport bikes or ten speeds inspired by European racing bicycles soon dominated the adult market. Schwinn introduced their 10 speeds in the early 60s starting first with the Continental, a name they resurrected, and later the Varsity.

During this time, competitors also began to appear including Huffy, Shelby, Columbia and Roadmaster. With the introduction of fun features like chrome plating, saddlebags with fringe, and motorcycle styled horn tanks, beach cruiser brands began offering more variety for bike lovers. A classic cruiser with classic lines, the Rover 9 has a light 6061 aluminum frame and steel fork, hydraulic disc brakes, and a 1×9-speed drivetrain controlled by a Microshift trigger shifter.

We’ve got a wide selection of bike sizes and styles, including electric, to fit a wide variety of riders. In Hawaiian culture, the word “kulana” represents simplicity and practicality. Built on these beliefs, Kulana bikes offer an affordable way to enjoy a stylish ride along the beach.

Freelance writer Ashley M. Biggers rode her trusty cruiser bike to campus during her graduate studies at Arizona State University. Since then, she’s been back in the cruiser saddle on bike tours in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and around the globe. Schwinn’s simple laid back elegance is personified in the 1980 Ladies’ Cruiser. With the time-proven dependability of a coasterbrake, wide whitewall balloon tires, a comfortable saddle and wide handlebars. But this bike’s relaxed attitude doesn’t discount it as a capable utilitarian ride. Front and rear-carrier braze-ons let you outfit it with racks and bags to carry essentials to the beach or grab a six-pack and sandwiches on the way home.