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There’s a good chance you’re wearing flip-flops—and maybe even a bathing suit. Hopefully, you’re near a beach but you certainly don’t have to be. Choosing the right cruiser bike is a personal decision, so don’t hesitate to test ride multiple models before making schwinn dealers a commitment. Pay attention to how the bike feels as you ride—ensure it’s comfortable, easy to maneuver, and suits your riding style. Take note of any specific features or characteristics that stand out to you, helping you make an informed decision.

schwinn beach cruiser

The cruiser-style handlebar also has a 3-speed twist shifter on the right and a front-hand brake on the left (though you can also use the coaster brake). If you buy directly from us, we’re gonna allow you to customize it. We’re gonna build one-off bikes for whoever wants to do it. We’re gonna change your rims, change tires, we can change seat colors, basically anything.

Be careful of hills, though, as that one speed also means you’ll have to pedal harder to climb. When our shop re-opens to the public following the coronavirus outbreak, we’ll be happy to discuss schwinn beach cruiser options for fit customization, upgrades, and accessories. Over the years, Schwinn has empowered millions of people, earning a special place in the hearts and minds of generations of riders.

The durable Schwinn cantilever steel frame has been updated with tubular leading axle front fork and cushioned hand grips. It’s designed for comfortable riding with a padded saddle and wide whitewall tires that ride smooth over almost any terrain. The Cruiser 5 has5-speed gears and hand brakes for greater versatility and range.

We also recommend the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Beach Cruiser for riding over hills, commutes, and boardwalks. Many coastal cruisers on the market don’t actually handle well on beaches—the water, salt, and sand are often too much, and seaside corrosion deteriorates the vehicle. The ultralight frame is rustproof, making this bike extra durable. You can also have a custom-built surfboard rack attached at an extra cost. This e-bike also incorporates some of the best features of a mountain bike, with a fork shock at the front of the bike and a seat shock. Together, these deliver smooth riding even on bumpy surfaces.

That’s a big difference between Sixthreezero and a Schwinn, is that we offer a lot of colors, a lot of different speeds for every model. With Schwinn trying to keep prices low, it’s most effective for them to choose one or two colors and keep production volume high, keeps cost down, things like that. So “cruiser” may have originated as one model name used by one distributor of the motorbike style of bicycles.