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She has over 15 years of experience in the consumer products industry and a degree in fiber science from Cornell University. Lexie serves as an expert source both within Good Housekeeping and other media outlets, regularly appearing on national broadcast TV segments. Prior to joining GH in ozark trail instant cabin 2013, Lexie worked in merchandising and product development in the fashion and home industries. That’s perfect if you’re trying to avoid carrying the board at any point. Though slightly smaller, it’s also easier to carry and, therefore, better for adventures requiring a bit of portaging.

If the Mineral King 3 is out of stock, or if you’d like a slightly larger tent, we recommend the Marmot Tungsten 4. The Tungsten 4 shares many of the Mineral King 3’s best features, and provides 10 square feet of additional living space as well as excellent weather protection—as long as you set it up properly. Like our top pick, the Tungsten 4 is a sturdy, two-door dome-style tent that can be deployed in about 5 minutes. It uses high-quality materials such as aluminum poles, breathable mesh, and water-resistant polyester fabric, and it comes with a full fly and a footprint. The Tungsten 4’s larger size accounts for the higher price tag (about $40 more), but campers who would like that extra room may find the expense worthwhile.

This baby has an impressive 475-pound weight capacity — the highest of any one-person ISLE board. Even laden with 50 pounds of camping gear and my 145-pound body, the combined weight doesn’t reach even half of what the Switch Pro is capable of. It can accommodate both my parents, who joyously paddled on it together on nearby Lake Lanier.

In the heart of the Ozarks’ wilderness, a passion for exploration was kindled. This space serves as an homage to that undying spirit of adventure and as a community for those inspired by Ozark Trail’s commitment to crafting reliable outdoor gear. Although the paths may run parallel, the stories of each adventurer intertwine with every trek and trail. There is a united dedication to quality, innovation, and the wild spaces treasured by many. As a collective of enthusiasts, experiences are shared, and the technology and sustainability efforts that allow for responsible enjoyment of nature are celebrated. Here, individuals are not merely observers but active participants in the legacy of adventure, crafting their own memories in the natural world.

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Whether you have recently purchased a new tent or you are simply trying to keep your existing tent in great condition, there are a number of steps you can take to prevent repairs and protect your investment. Use these maintenance and purchasing recommendations to ensure that your event tent lasts as long as possible. Event tents can be damaged by a number of environmental ozark trail instant cabin factors, including people, weather and even other event equipment. Here are some of the most common signs of tent damage, their causes, and how to prevent them. Grace Wu (she/her) is a product reviews analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Textiles, Paper and Apparel Lab, where she evaluates fabric-based products using specialized equipment and consumer tester data.

The Switch Pro backpack is larger and fits more gear, with a more rigid design and wheels on the bottom (not the lightest or best for portages). About an hour later, I was just chilling in the river at the same exit when an elderly fisherman lost his footing and suddenly found himself swept away by the current. In the space of probably 10 seconds, I told him to throw me his rod, then I hopped off my 11-foot board and pushed it out to him, which he managed to grab just in time for me to pull him back to shore. But when I decided to go river camping with a friend, I didn’t have camping gear for two people (I do most things solo). So I bought a $90, 6-pound Kelty Tanglewood 2, an $18 Ozark Trail sleeping bag from Walmart, and some cheap sleeping pads. The Switch Pro’s advantages over comparable options quickly became clear when I capped off my testing with a camping trip down the Etowah River.

Unfortunately, you have to buy a separate groundsheet for the Wawona 6 and for most other tents its size as well. Both Base Camp tents have two doors and lots of mesh in the main tent body. But unlike the Mineral King 3 and the Tungsten 4, the mesh on each Base Camp tent starts high on the walls—more than 4 feet from the ground. This design is a big plus for people who regularly camp in crowded campgrounds and don’t like to get naked in front of strangers.