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This year Schwinn offers a wide choice of Cruiser speeds,sizes and colors. You can enjoy cruising with or without a beach in your neighborhood. This bike has everything needed for summer days at the beach or riding around town or the campground. The E-Coast’s aluminum frame and fork won’t rust like steel ones, and the Gates belt drive never needs chain lube. The 26-inch-diameter x 3-inch-wide tires help the bike float over sand and soak up cracked pavement. The 500W rear hub motor gets the E-Coast up to a 28 mph, and hydraulic disc brakes ensure stopping power.

Designed with a classic moto style, Ride1Up’s Cafe Cruiser has a casual ride feel. The zippy 750W motor powers the Cruiser to 28 mph (20 mph using the throttle) with a suspension fork and 3-inch-wide tires to smooth things out when it gets bumpy. Ride the Cafe Cruiser to the bar, along the boardwalk, or to Sunday morning brunch, and add a passenger kit for $125 with a padded seat for the rack, footpegs, and wheel guards. Available in both men’s and women’s models and in speeds of 1, 3, 7, and 21, plus two electric versions (250- and 500-watt), there’s an EVRYjourney for everyone. But if your rides are a little more challenging than the flat, coastal roads around your favorite seaside town, consider a beach cruiser with multiple gears. Multi-speed bikes can accelerate much faster than single-geared ones and offer a much smoother ride.

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To popularize these bicycles they enlisted the help of Hollywood celebrities. Ronald Reagan is seen riding one in the 1947 Schwinn catalog. The 24-inch Cruiser is ideal for the younger schwinn dealers rider who appreciates the time-honored qualities of riding comfort. Cruiser bikes are inherently beginner-friendly, so beginners won’t easily go wrong in their selections.

We’re all about the customer and letting people choose what they wanna do. By 1972, a new wave of lightweight derailleur-equipped bicycles led a wave of new consumer interest in recreational bicycling, resulting in the bike boom. Derailleur-equipped sport bikes or ten speeds inspired by European racing bicycles soon dominated the adult market. Schwinn introduced their 10 speeds in the early 60s starting first with the Continental, a name they resurrected, and later the Varsity.

Here is a video and written out steps on how to assemble a Schwinn Cruiser bicycle. Beach cruisers are part of the quintessential summer experience. Usually, though, they’re heavy, clunky, rust-prone, and hard to ride anywhere but on the boardwalk. There’s no end to the versatile experiences awaiting you with an InStep trailer.

One of the defining features of city or beach cruiser bikes is their emphasis on comfort. Look for models with wide, cushioned seats, stainless steel spokes in the wheels and high-rise handlebars that promote a comfortable and upright schwinn beach cruiser riding position. This ergonomic design reduces strain on your back and shoulders, allowing you to enjoy long rides without discomfort. Adjustable seats and handlebars also ensure a customized fit for riders of all sizes.

Most e-cruisers are class 1, which means they stop helping you pedal once you reach 20 mph, but some go as high as 28 mph (class 3). With that said, the other thing with Sixthreezero is we really focus on seats and comfort. So I think, personally, you’re gonna find our seats to be more comfortable than Schwinn seats. We use different foams, different sizes, different springs like that, that are gonna make our cruisers way, way more comfortable, especially as you move up in the price range.

For the next few years, the design of the Schwinn beach bike would continue to evolve including the release of the 1940s Lady Excelsior. Schwinn’s World B10E Motorbike was officially born in 1933. In an effort to create a more durable bicycle, Frank W. Schwinn utilized wide “balloon” tires and a “cantilevered” frame that incorporated two top tubes. The start of something great, this original cruiser would see many changes throughout history. The Schwinn Men’s Cruiser Bike is built out of a burly steel frame and comes in mutliple sizes to support a vast range of heights.