Walmart: Ozark Trail 12′ x 12′ Instant Canopy $45

That’s not the case with a slant leg canopy tent which, as you may have guessed, features legs that are slanted and form an angle of less than 90 degrees with the floor. Ten-person tents will comfortably fit six people, but are becoming increasingly popular for families of four looking for plenty of floor space to spread out. We love this feature because it won’t nip at your fingers and you can do one leg at a time.

This means it can repel a very small amount of rainfall, like light precipitation. We suggest you don’t leave it outside if you know it’s going to rain. As well as plenty of room on the ground, the height is tall and allows even the tallest in your family or friends to stand up everywhere, not just at the peak. Think about it like an umbrella, where you may often feel a whirl of air getting stuck between your head and the umbrella. This is where it would usually flip inside out, if the wind is strong enough, and it can damage the frame.

You can’t simply fold up the poles separately and do whatever you need to do with a sopping wet rain fly and tent body. Our versatile Ozark Trail 10′ x 20′ Canopy provides the protection you need for your next event. The innovative frame is powder coated steel with central hub locks for the frame and push button locking height adjustments. The 300D polyester top provides UV protection and is water and fire resistant. Four included walls have mesh panels with curtains and one of the two end walls rolls up for easy access under the canopy. The canopy folds down to 48.75″ in length and easily fits into the sleeve bag with a pocket for the walls, stakes and guy ropes.

They mention that it is a good size and height, both when packed up and when opened, and that it fits their needs perfectly. Customers are satisfied with the waterproofness of the portable freestanding shelter. They mention that it has a windproof peak, a vented top, and a sturdy frame. The cover is made of nylon with weatherproofing and withstands fairly strong wind without any damage.

While they did seal up from the inside, water was still able to sneak in through the seams, and the tarp over the top of it didn’t provide enough coverage to protect it. Keep this tent in your arsenal for when you know there will be clear skies on your camping weekend. Once the tent was up, however, it was easy to see that it had all been worth it. Most taller individuals will be able to walk around the interior without needing to crouch. I also liked the shape of this tent, which was more square than others that I looked at. That gives you more flexibility with how you arrange sleeping situations.

Customers find the portable freestanding shelter easy to set up and take down. They mention that the storage bag goes on pretty easily, and the initial difficulty installing disappeared quickly. It’s advertised as a 10×10 tent, but your canopy is actually ozark trail backpack 7.8’ x 7.8’, for about 61 square feet of space under the canopy. If canopy coverage is important to you, this is a very good reason to go with a straight-leg option. Yeti has clearly set themselves apart as the biggest player in the cooler space.

A frequent reader of our site put the lightweight Cool Cabana pop up beach canopy to the test during a West Coast vacation. We put the lightweight Cool Cabana pop up beach canopy to the test during an East Coast vacation. I debated about returning the canopy and ordering a new one but then I thought that this would be a great use of the 3d printer. They pass up through the sleeves on the outside of the tent, across the top, through the sleeve on the diagonally opposed side, then each end is stuck into the pocket attached at each corner. Have your dream wedding on the Shepherd of the Hills Farm in a beautiful historic setting. The story and history of The Shepherd of the Hills collides with present-day on our open-air, Jeep-drawn tram tour of the Homestead.

The Yeti has the most streamlined design of the three coolers, staying true to the original Yeti look and feel. The overall product weight of this cooler is 37lbs empty which is inline with the Pelican, but 7lbs heavier than the Ozark Trail cooler. The Tundra Haul features rubber clasps, which I really like, and hard plastic wheels. Pelican is a newer entry in to the world of rotomolded coolers and have taken their own spin on design and function.

In addition to packed size, assembled size, ease of set up, and weather protection, I also considered each tent’s price when making a final determination. As family friends started to trickle in over the course of the evening and following morning, they started to claim various tents. Over the rest of the weekend, my group provided feedback on how well the tents served their needs, and how well it protected them from the bad weather.