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What better way to enjoy a ballgame, picnic, or any outdoor activity than with a little bit of shade! This 10’x10′ canopy pops up easily, and will keep sun burn and overheating at bay. Customers are satisfied with the value of the portable freestanding shelter. So there you have it, when looking at just the ability to keep ice cold over a period of 6 days the Pelican has just slightly won, but we are talking about decimal points. I have to say that I am very impressed with the performance of the Ozark Trail 45Q cooler. This cooler is not only smaller in its overall size but also a fraction of the price of the competition.

The other two colors will have different rims and accents, so if you don’t love the orange you have options. In a sheer stroke of luck for this test, we are having a very aggressive heatwave in Southeast Michigan with temperatures around the 90’s during the day and staying in the 70’s overnight. I’m using my North facing deck as the staging area which receives direct sunlight at almost all hours of the day. I also placed  a small weather system on the deck rail to help get a sense of how hot surface temperatures are in the area.

With the constant movement of the sun throughout the day, it’s nice to know that you can easily adapt the height to maintain shade underneath. You’re also getting 3 height options, so you’re not limited in the elevation that you need. Customers are mixed about the sturdiness of the portable freestanding shelter. Some mention it’s well built and durable, while others say the joints broke easily with the weight of rainwater on the cover. Customers like the appearance of the portable freestanding shelter.

Unless you truly need this much space, I would strongly recommend you opt for something smaller made with higher quality nylon and steel poles. But if you have a big family then a 10-person tent can absolutely be a cozy way to enjoy the long weekend. If you look for an Ozark Trail canopy website, you’ll be redirected to Walmart’s website. These canopies come in different sizes and colors, but the setup is often the same. Some of these canopies also feature a one-push button to pitch the tent with only one person. Ozark Trail’s dining canopy can easily fit six people with room to spare for a table and chairs.

In addition to packed size, assembled size, ease of set up, and weather protection, I also considered each tent’s price when making a final determination. As family friends started to trickle in over the course of the evening ozark trail backpack and following morning, they started to claim various tents. Over the rest of the weekend, my group provided feedback on how well the tents served their needs, and how well it protected them from the bad weather.

Larger tents, including the best 8-person tents and the best 10-person tents do not. Plan to bring along the directions if this is your first time setting one up. In the end, with much perseverance, I was able to put up every one of these 10-person tents by myself. But it was a real bear with the two cabin style tents, simply because they were so much taller than everything else. If you’re on the shorter side, I’d recommend choosing a tent that is likewise a little bit shorter to help streamline the setup process.

One of my testers noted, however, that there aren’t enough pockets on the inside to stash the odds and ends that crop up while camping. There are three crisscrossing ozark trail backpack poles at the top that form the room of the tent. From there you bend down each end and connect the poles that form the side walls to the floor.

Like the Ozark Trail 45 Qt Rolling Thermocooler, the Pelican 45QW Elite Wheeled Cooler includes a lid with inch notches and also includes centimeters for those outside of the United States. Similar to the Ozark Trail cooler, the Pelican features orange wheel rims and also has orange clasp accents. You can get this cooler in three colors, Tan which is featured here, as well as graphite and white.