Buying Your First “Real” Fat Bike: The Mongoose Argus Sport, Your Gateway to a Real Deal Fat Bike

One of the most striking features of Mongoose fat tire bikes is their ability to provide exceptional traction. Their wider tires create a larger contact surface with the ground, allowing for a much firmer grip. Whether you’re cycling over slippery rocks, loose gravel, or snowy trails, a Mongoose fat tire bike can handle it all with a stability that other bikes can only dream of. The Mongoose fat tire bike is designed to withstand the challenges of different terrains, whether it’s snow, sand, or rocky mountains. Its fat tires measuring between 4-5 inches provide the necessary grip and shock absorption, delivering a smooth ride.

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As a seasoned mountain biking and fat biking expert, I wholeheartedly recommend the Mongoose Argus Sport as your gateway to the real deal. This entry-level fat bike defies expectations, offering solid components and a lighter weight at an affordable price point. With the Argus Sport by your side, you’ll be primed to conquer trails, glide across snowy landscapes, and experience the pure joy of fat biking. In addition to their superior traction, versatility, and safety features, Mongoose fat tire bikes are also known for their endurance and resilience. These bikes are built to withstand heavy usage and challenging environments. Their frames are typically made from tough materials like steel or aluminum, ensuring that your bike can handle long rides, rough trails, and adverse weather conditions.

The SR Suntour XCE coil fork is truly entry level, and while it absorbs bumps in the trail it’s heavy and harsh compared to a more expensive fork with an air spring. Given my profession as a mountain bike journalist and product reviewer, it’s not unusual for friends and neighbors to ask me for bike recommendations. Bikes are expensive, you see, and there are just too many options. To the uninitiated, a $400 mountain bike looks pretty similar to a $5,000 bike, so why wouldn’t you just get the cheaper one? Maybe even the Mongoose Switchback Expert, on sale at your local Dicks Sporting Goods department store. There is a low level shimano hydraulic disc brake kit that is SO NICE compared to the cable disc brakes.

Watch as he glides over sand, dirt and snow. See the glee he has as he bounces over embankments and boings over rocks. The Mongoose Malus 26-inch fat tire bike has arrived to save you from the doldrums and put a smile on the faces of all those you pass by. Built with 4-inch tires (earning the name fat) on a supersized beach cruiser frame and there is plenty of clearance to make it rideable on virtually any terrain. Plus, the Malus has 7-speed twist shifters and front and rear disc brakes so it still has its vein of practicality. Fat tires are all the rage and the Malus is a great bike to add to your stable, and to get out there and have a little fun on.

At its full retail price of $949, the Switchback Expert is overpriced. At the current $549 price, I’d say it’s priced about right. Tires are usually an inexpensive upgrade that can make a huge difference in the way a bike feels, but here again, buyers likely won’t want to bother. The included wheels feature narrow, 18mm rims that are even narrower than what you might find on a gravel bike today. For that reason, it doesn’t make sense to run anything wider than the 2.25″ tires specced despite what appears to be plenty of frame clearance.

In my experience, this is pretty common for bikes in this price range. The Sensor is ready to feast on all the features you can dream up, down or over. With an optimized frame design, this steed is significantly lighter than its previous iteration and is fine-tuned to fit a wider range of riders. GT’s pedal-assist electric bikes are designed around going further and discovering new places. Discover how many more trails you can grind your way up, how many out-of-the-way p…

Embrace the thrill of outdoor cycling with the Mongoose fat tire bike. Built to weather different terrains, it promises an exciting and safe ride. And with National Assemblers by your side, setting up your bike becomes an effortless task. Contact us today and enjoy a seamless bicycle assembly experience and hit the trails with confidence. Mongoose offers an array of models that are specifically designed to suit different riders and terrains. Here are some top models in the Mongoose fat tire bike series that you might consider.

It’s rare to see a bike in this price range offered in four sizes—small through extra large—rather than just one or two sizes. Like more expensive bikes, the Mongoose Switchback Expert specs smaller 27.5″ diameter wheels on size small bikes and 29er wheels on larger sizes. To find the right size, check that you can stand over the bike with at least mongoose bicycle an inch or more between your crotch and the top tube. Then, check that the seat can be set about even with your hip while standing beside the bike. I tested a size extra large and found it’s a pretty close fit, though even at full extension the saddle is a bit short for me. Plus, with Mongoose, you also have the option to customize your bike.