Good Design: The Ozark Trail 1-Person Backpacking Tent

True, I wasn’t able to remove the rain fly to watch the stars or let the wind ventilate my tent, but I was able to enjoy the day hikes without any sort of worry. In essence, I had committed to the permanent rainfly option by default and there was a certain contentedness that came with that. The first good design feature is the placement of the door on the side, ozark trail chair and more specifically on the long side of the tent. I’ve tried tents with the door on one end and it is cumbersome. For the end-door variants, one has to toss their sleeping bag down the tent when getting ready for bed. Other items that you may want to keep at the foot of the sleeping area are also hard to access or reach if your head is near the door.

If you are building out your gear on a budget, the Ozark Trail 40L Eagle is a bargain internal frame backpack. At under $50, this pack was my main backpack for over a year, and still serves as an occasional backup to my other bags. A frame is important because it will keep your back from getting sore by distributing the weight ozark trail backpack along your spine and hips, rather than on your shoulders. A frameless bag with only a few pounds of gear might feel heavier than an internal frame backpack loaded with up to 30 pounds. For most people, I recommend choosing a backpack with an internal frame, unless you need the portability and flexibility of a frameless.

I have had the bag for going on two years now, and can say that it has held up through miles of abuse across mountains and countries. Its been through California, Spain, all over the eastern seaboard, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and more. While the Ozark Trail doesn’t run directly through any towns, hikers may access options for resupply and services along the way, including the locales below. Please be aware that we make an effort to keep this information current.

The Ozark Trail Association marks and improves the trail and ensures campsites are well maintained.

ozark trail backpack

Great for hiking in warm weather, thanks to the breathable construction, mesh straps, and hydration bladder hook up. Material is durable and will stand up to heavy duty use. This hydration compatible backpack has a connection for a water bladder built in to the design. It also includes loops to hang your trekking poles when not in use. Here’s another AWESOME thing about the Ozark Trail Atka day pack.

There’s no way I can justify paying five times more for something that might carry just as well. I plan to pick up another if/when ozark trail backpack this one wears out. This pack has no extraneous features, save for the small front zip pocket and an internal hydration sleeve.