Ozark Trail Camping & Hiking Backpacks & Bags for sale

Many higher quality tents could cost 3 or 4 times that amount. Usually I share a 2- or 3-person tent when backpacking with others to split up the weight, but as mentioned we each needed to be self-contained so I brought my 1-person tent from Ozark Trail. Here’s another AWESOME thing about the Ozark Trail Atka day pack.

ozark trail backpack

Haul all your gear to base camp, and then convert the top lid into a functional daypack for shorter excursions. Step up your outdoor adventures with the Ozark Trail Himont 50L Multi-Day Backpack. The one downside with integrated rain flies is the lack of ventilation and temperature control.

Walmart had a small section of packs and for the most part I was satisfied. I decided to get this one for a light hike I was going to be doing while camping. All told, I’ve had the pack on my back for about 50 miles. Keeping the load under 15 pounds seems to be the key. I really wanted to use it for our fall two-nighter on the AT, but was unable to fit my bivy with a 20 degree Kelty Cosmic down bag inside. I contemplated stepping down to the 45 degree bag, but thankfully, did not.

Temperatures can swing from chilly mornings to sweltering afternoons. Pack rain gear to stay warm and dry, and consider bringing one set of clothes ozark trail backpack to change into at camp as well as one or two sets of clothes for hiking. Outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, and also for school.

A thru-hike can begin at the Onondaga State Park and proceed southward to the Eleven Point Western trailhead, or move in the opposite direction from south to north. The Ozark Trail Association Trip Planner contains information on a thru-hike, including directions to Onondaga State Park and Eleven Point Western trailheads. A great pack for day hikes, hunting and weekend camping. I’ve carried it in bad weather, including rain and snow. Some days this bag was heavier than I would have chosen it to be.