27 5″ Genesis V2100 Mountain Pro Bike Off Road Tires 21-Speed Bicycle,

It’s who we are and we embrace that as we share our latest range. Your bike frame & fork are protected under our Lifetime Warranty policy. Genesis bikes became renowned for their use of steel tubing and ethos for function over form. The Genesis Tour de Fer, as the name suggests, is a fully equipped long distance all road tourer. One of the great strengths of the Genesis range is their commuter/ all round/ cyclocross bikes – the Croix de Fer, Tour de Fer and CDA. When you shop Sportwheels, you help fund access to sport for the children who need it most.

The first Genesis bike was produced under the Ridgeback brand as the Day One model in 2001. Due to its popularity, Genesis became a label in its own right in 2006. We’re experiencing a very high volume of orders during the Pre-Holiday Season. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive inventory and new bikes updates. A combination of clean lines and an eye pleasing Cyan Blue paint job make the Core a very pretty bike and at a price that is pretty attractive too.

genesis mountain bike

The bike’s range varies from 12 to 90 miles depending on the terrain, the rider’s weight, and how often the electric motor’s assistance is used. Riders can toggle between the modes by using a screen on the handlebar. The model number can be found on the lower portion of the seat tube just above the crank on a black and silver decal. The sorted geometry is pitched just right, making the bike exciting and fun yet not too much of a handful genesis bike and it is not just a quick blast fun bike, it is light and the comfortable riding position means it will take you as far as you want to go. Over ten years the range expanded beyond commuter bikes to include road, mountain, cyclo-cross, gravel, kids and fat bikes. At Genesis we have a history of doing things our own way, whether that’s making bikes we want to ride, or heading in a direction that might seem a little crazy at the time.

The Core 26.4 came fitted with 2.2 Mountain Kings, the originals not the much improved Mountain King II. The Core range is based around a 6061 aluminium tube set that is butted where needed with some gentle manipulation to ovalise the down tube as it meets the seat tube at the bottom bracket shell. There are strengthening gussets where the down tube and top tube meet the tapered head tube and the seat stays are an old school wishbone style, the lack of a bridge gives ample mud clearance. The greatest restriction on how fast you can go when pinning singletrack is genesis bike the tyres, yes they are fast rolling but they lack bite, something with greater cornering grip would certainly show off bikes handling better. An impressive fork at this price point and sensible kit are great and the wheels finish the package off nicely but the main attraction here is the geometry. Point it downwards and speeds soon pick up, the Core has a tendency to encourage an attacking riding style but it is worth remembering that the bike is equipped with 120mm up front and can get out of its depth if you try to blunder through rather than use finesse.

If there are any issues with your bike, return it for a full refund or receive a replacement bike for free. Well thought out geometry, good looks and great handling make the Genesis Core 26.4 stand out as a great bike at a good price. The first thing you notice is that the cockpit is comfortable, it just feels right. Not too long and well balanced with none of the ‘too much weight on the wrists’ feeling that sometimes comes on trail hardtails.