The Last “Real” Mongoose Bikes

We’re talking Taiwanese production here, but how much different, really would these scenarios be for a frame made in, let’s say, Mexico ( Kastan and others), or even better,  the US (Bill Bastian / FMF) for example? Would you say that anyone with a major monkey on his back  (let’s just say, for instance a raging Cocaine addiction) would be able to do his very best work over and over consistently? Suffice to say, quality goods can and are produced in ways and places that would surprise us.

mongoose racing bike

Mongoose’s latest line of BMX race bikes, the Title series, have been designed using that same race pedigree. Our mid-range race bikes are the perfect for riders who are beginning their path to competitive racing. Priced between £400 and £800 these are not quite the high-end steeds you see at national level races, but they all feature lightweight aluminium frames and are designed specifically with the racetrack in mind. Race bikes feature 20-inch wheels on all models, but the components and frame are sized dependent on age and height. Youth race bikes start from a Micro size for very young riders and offer a range of sizes through to expert XL.

This is referred to as the “Slack”, when riding backwards you must keep your feet positioned within the slack, if your pedals rotate too much the drivetrain will engage and your pedals will start to rotate. The smaller the slack, the harder it is to keep your pedal positioned within it while riding backwards. This means that certain tricks are harder to perform, especially those that rely on pedal pressure, for example Tire Taps.

Typically, they are constructed from lightweight materials like aluminium and carbon fibre to keep the weight down and the rider at the front of the pack. These bikes are strong enough for smooth landings on race and pump tracks but will not take the abuse that a freestyle bike would in concrete skateparks. If you’re looking to set fast lap times or begin your competitive career on the track, a race bike is the right choice. If you are already confident on a bike and have some experience in skateparks or performing tricks and jumps then we would recommend choosing a mid-range bike, priced from £400 to £700, with a full Chromoly frame, fork, and bars. This will be lighter and stronger than an entry level model.

It was an early run 1999 with the Twin Jet seat- and chainstays. Before the Cali, I raced on an aluminum ’97 mongoose racing bike Supergoose that was made in Taiwan. They were all good frames that I never had any serious issues with.

I did some digging on another site and found that by 1983 Mongoose frames were being built in Taiwan. Distinctive designs and lots of innovations.Still making bikes today, they have seen it all thru the years. All our bikes are cherry picked from the very best BMX specialist brands, and all our bikes are designed specifically for use at the skatepark or on the mongoose dirt bike track. Choosing the correct size BMX bike is very important, bikes that are too large will be cumbersome and hard to manoeuvre and bikes that are too small can feel cramped and hard to keep under control. The Mongoose Hooligan AL 29″ Bike is a lightweight cruiser. The frame and rims are made from a durable lightweight aluminum while utilizing a steel…

Capable of high-end performance – a bike designed for riders with intermediate skills all the way up to pro – the Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX race bike is a level above our popular Title series. Suggested rider height is 5’3″ – 5’8″.Professional-grade 6061 mongoose dirt bike Tectonic T1 Biaxial Hydroformed and butted aluminum frame with 86mm BB shell, tapered headtube, 3D forged 10mm dropouts, and internal cable routing. Mongoose was born from BMX racing with products that push the limits of what a rider can do on the track.