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Some of the bikes have even dipped down into ultra-budget territory with prices below $400. It can be a good option for those that want the utility of an electric bicycle but don’t have a lot of spare cash. But while Walmart is known for its super cheap e-bikes, the company has never offered higher-end e-bikes with nicer features like mid-drive motors. At least, not until now with the launch of Kent’s new mid-drive electric bike. Anyone under 160 lbs will LOVE this bike—my wife (5’7 and 130 lbs) is one of those people who is a perfect fit for this e-bike.

With nearly 10 years of experience with electric bikes, we are one of the leading experts on Electric bikes in Kent. One day while riding a local trail, I took a wrong turn and found myself on a black diamond trail with some huge drop-offs. My front suspension forks took the brunt of the punishment and consequently locked up. For the next couple of years, I continued to ride that bike with the broken forks because standard MTB trails—the greens and blues—don’t require high-end shocks (or apparently any shocks at all). We are situated just south of Hawkhurst on the Kent / East Sussex Border. We are in The Bodiam Business Park, which is Rural Industrial Estate, with traffic free private roads allowing the peaceful, safe testing of electric bikes.

The safety of our campus community remains a top priority, and we encourage everyone to Share the Road and look out for their fellow Flashes. While the battery seems to last for a while on low power mode, high mode drains it quicker. I asked Kent Bicycles about the possibility of buying spare batteries to swap in and make for a longer ride, and they’re kent hybrid bike looking into offering them on their website. With a front suspension fork that isn’t much to write home about but still works just fine, the bike is somewhat sporty. We built a classic front yard ramp and had fun seeing who could get the most air. Of course, all the fun is in going fast in high power mode, though that drains the battery quicker.

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To see how much fun the Kent Torpedo e-bike is, check out my video review below! Then keep reading for my complete thoughts and testing (yes, I rode it too!).

We are here to help and give you impartial advice on all matters related to electric bikes in Hastings. Our mission is to power your adventure and make the incredible benefits of owning an electric bike accessible to all. We offer a rental service with a bespoke nationwide drop-off and collection service. Aftersurfing the net and reading all the reviews the Freego brand kept coming out on top of many “best sellers” and “best buys”,Freego have several bikes in their range to suit everyone’s need and budget. I found one such supplier , and gave them a call, the chap I spoke to , Marcus, could not have been more helpful. From giving me a good price to loaning me a e-bike to delivering to my doorstep….and even a follow up service two months after delivery.

They cost less to produce, and they are basically bulletproof in terms of user error. Then one day, a fellow mountain biker asked if I wanted to ride his bike around the parking lot. After a few seconds of strenuous pedaling, the bike suddenly took off with explosive force.

(Luckily, my local bike co-op was able to hook me up with the needed parts!) But that was really the only major problem with assembly. Speaking of steps, the step-thru frame comes in only one size but should fit most riders five feet and taller. Kent currently offers three electric models for adults, plus one for kids. Alongside the 27-inch Kent Electric and Kent Step-Through Electric, the Cruiser is more of a unisex offering and is available exclusively from Walmart.