Electric Bikes in Kent

Cheaper mid-drive electric bikes tend to opt for Chinese-made mid-drive motors like those from Bafang, Truckrun, Tongsheng, and others. In the case of Kent’s mid-drive electric bike, seen above, it’s not clear exactly which 250W motor is used. Nicer (i.e., more expensive) e-bikes tend to use fancier mid-drive motors like those made by Brose, Bosch, Yamaha, and other major German or Japanese manufacturers.

It was an e-bike, an electric pedal-assist MTB with a motor that engages when an internal sensor encounters a hill. And yes, the Lectric XPremium is probably the best game in time now when it comes to mid-drives at affordable prices. For just a bit more at $1,799, the dual batteries, significantly higher power/speed, hydraulic disc brakes, and a pile of other features blow this Kent bike away. But Lectric’s model is also a folding fat tire e-bike and won’t fulfill the trail bike role that Kent’s offering here claims to satisfy. Walmart has long offered an interesting array of low-cost electric bicycles.

They cost less to produce, and they are basically bulletproof in terms of user error. Then one day, a fellow mountain biker asked if I wanted to ride his bike around the parking lot. After a few seconds of strenuous pedaling, the bike suddenly took off with explosive force.

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The battery’s on button isn’t in a highly visible place but is slightly raised so you can find it by touch. If there’s one thing worse than running out of battery before you’re home, it’s surely your young child’s heavy e-bike running out of battery before you’re home. Kent reckon the battery is good for 15 miles of range, but that will obviously depend on terrain and power usage. Any doubters that well designed and connected bike lanes work should check out this CBC article on how pandemic bike lanes have increased the accessibility of Canadian cities and how moves are afoot to make the lanes permanent.

This 6-speed pedal-assist bicycle has a sturdy, steel frame. The motor is mounted in the rear wheel and adds 180W of power in full power mode. There are medium and low power modes that provide even softer assistance. An led battery meter is mounted on the handlebars that also houses the power mode selector. The motor doesn’t add any assist unless the rider is pedaling, and the assist cuts out immediately when pedaling stops. The brake levers that control a pair of v-brakes also have sensors to cut motor power any time the brakes are pulled.

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